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Founder & CEO - YK Mahadev

In 2021, YK Mahadev began a mission to make India a role model for sustainable fashion and lifestyle worldwide. When the pandemic hit, people started doing new things and using organic products for food and skincare, but they weren't thinking about clothing.YK Mahadev really loves nature and cares about remote villages, people returning to them, smart farming, and technology like communication gadgets, drones, and robots. He believes in keeping the essence of villages intact while making them smarter. OrganicYogi was created to help the environment. More and more people are choosing organic living each day, and for it to make a real change, we need to embrace it completely, not just in food and personal care but also in clothing. The fashion industry causes a lot of pollution, so we think sustainable fashion is the way forward. We should all join in to support eco-friendly communities.

Co-Founder & Managing Director - V K Chilkoti

Textile is one of the most polluting industries globally, so V K Chilkoti saw it as a challenge to make India and UAE more environmentally friendly through sustainable fashion. This initiative aims to combine agricultural sustainability with modern technology to create a successful organic hemp business. The project focuses on smart agriculture, using renewable energy solutions, smart farming practices, and IoT-enabled devices. This not only helps the environment but also empowers women, creates local job opportunities, and promotes digital education.