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Hemp Bags

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Hemp Bags for Women and College Girls: These bags are great for women and college girls. They come in beautiful colors and are made from organic fabric that can be recycled. Carrying these bags will make you look stylish. They are suitable for school, college, work, travel, hiking, camping, and everyday use.

- Adjustable Straps
- Trendy Designs
- Aesthetic Colors
- Eco-Friendly
- Handmade with Care
- Washable
- Lightweight
- Inside pocket
- Adjustable straps
- Made from organic fabric


The backpack has a classic look that suits everyone, men and women alike. It's made from natural materials and completely handmade. We use high-quality hemp fabric to make sure it lasts a long time.

Shipping: We deliver our products from India to anywhere globally, whether by air or sea. If you want to try them out before buying, we offer sample shipping too. You can trust our shipping services for reliable commercial exports.

OrganicYogi Fashion: We're dedicated to supporting local makers. Our aim is not just to make money but also to help many workers who rely on the market for their livelihoods.

Additionally, our backpacks have a timeless design suitable for both men and women. They're handmade from natural materials, ensuring they're durable and top-notch quality. We use premium hemp fabric to ensure your bag can handle all your adventures.

Brand OrganicYogi
Material Hemp Mix Cotton
Features Adjustable Straps, 4 zip compartment, handmade, eco friendly, light weight washable